Post Route Map of the State of Nebraska Showing Post Offices 1948

What I learned:

Through georeferencing a map, I was able to pinpoint each location on the map and a apply the actual photo by using the image of my map, which has been linked to a  Earth coordinate system. I learned how to expert my map to be able to pinpoint coordinates on the specific map. I was able to establish a relationship between images and object coordinate systems.

How georeferencing maps might be useful for understanding my project:

Being able to use georeferencing will be useful for understanding my project because the entire idea behind my project is a map a Creighton University over the years. This will be a perfect tool to display a map of what Creighton’s campus use to look like and how it has transformed over the years. I will be able to add direct clickable features to the map to go more in-depth on specific parts of Creighton’s campus, such as Creighton Hall. A timeline of Creighton’s campus history was also going to be include and could easily be an added feature to my map as well.

How georeferencing maps might be useful for understanding history more generally:

Historians use maps for a variety of reasons, including as tools for reconstructing the past precisely as they capture characteristics of the geography, cities, and other locations that may no longer exist or that have undergone significant changes. Georefencing maps is a great tool to be able to digitally displacy historical information.