My Early Plan for my Digitial Humanities Project

Main Idea: An digital archive of Creighton’s Campus

The Main Goals

  • I will be working in collaboration with Becca Feldkamp to construct and complete this project
  • Our main goal as of right now is to create a digital archive comparing the history/transformation of Creighton’s campus
  • We are going to highlight specific buildings throughout Creighton’s campus, but we will not highlight every single building
  • We are hoping to get in contact with someone who works at Creighton’s archive to be able to learn more about the history of Creighton. This will help us to start transpiring ideas for what we want to include in our project and overall give us much more information

What historical question are we trying to answer?

  • We have not fully decided on this answer, but we want to focus on the history of Creighton’s campus and how it has transformed over the years

What types of technology do we anticipate using?

  • We are anticipating using Creighton’s digital archive as one of the main types of technology to create our own digital archive
  • We are also inspired by a website that we looked at in class called, “Histoires of the National Mall”
  • As pictured above, this website is what inspired our idea for our project
  • We will be using this website as a learning tool to use for our own digital archive

What am I most worried about at this point?

  • Learning how to navigate Creighton’s digital archive
  • Learning how to create our own digital archive
  • Making sure our project will be interesting and educational to others

What am I most excited for?

  • I am excited about this project because I have never done anything like this before
  • I am excited to learn more about the history of Creighton’s campus because I think that it will be interesting